This issue not only symbolizes a new season but embracing the next level. HEIGHT Magazine started it's journey for beautiful taller in stature women who lacked fashion options. When we first launched in September 2009 we were filled excitement and high expectations. Imagine creating the only publication that celebrated tall women in no framed tax bracket. We just love looking and feeling fabulous. As we met many challenges selecting designers and companies that favored our uniqueness. We quickly learned that our frames were more adorned on a fantasy level for runways and as muses. Versus your quad in a department store. We were rehashing the same companies and shoe stores yet kept pressing on (pun intended).

In 2014 we rebranded. Took some time off and kept our focus on tall women and teens. But included all women of various statures. And we're very happy about that! Expanding our magazine has opened many doors. And not just in regards tp fashion. We have elevated. That's why this issue is titled, 'Elevation'. In the months to come, you'll have more articles to read about living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Culture based events and personal journey stories from celebrities and everyday way makers. Welcome to the new world of HEIGHT Magazine.


There's a new platform for women in film and television. The GIM Network provides content that shows women both behind and in front of the  lens. The network also guides independent content creators with their projects. Making sure they receive the proper marketing and exposure while on the streaming service. Available to watch through web browser and Roku.

Women in Film and Television

New Year but is it a new you?

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Owning Your


Triple cover Feature Sadie Pegues-Hall of

Meet The Woman Behind The Business Awards

We're getting a new look!

That's right. HEIGHT Magazine is transforming. As we elevate and expand our brand a makeover is necessary.

Thank you for your patience.

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