Contrary to what your friends, family or society might say, if you're happy being single, that's awesome. "There are some people, many of them women, who do have a sense that they should be single," psychologist, image consultant and dating expert Dr. Jennifer Rhodes tells Bustle. I

f that describes you, embrace it. "We live in a beautiful time where men and women have the luxury of choice, and staying single is no longer considered abnormal," Rhodes says. "[Being single is] meant to be if that person feels at peace, has lots of connections through friends and family and is fulfilled," she says. If you can check all three off your list, you're good to go

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There are three traditional ways to provide food at a tea party, mostly determined by the time of day. If you are serving tea in the mid-afternoon, you may either serve an "afternoon tea" or "low tea" with a few sweet and savory snacks, or a less formal "cream tea" that serves only scones, clotted cream, and jam. Teas served during evening mealtimes (traditionally 5–7pm) are called "high teas" and usually provide more substantial food, such as meat pies, quiche, or any filling, savory dishes. A light soup and salad are sometimes served at formal high teas before the main meal.

Planning The Day

Begin with the details. Decide on the date and time for the party as well as the venue.
Distribute the invitations. Make a list of people that you would want to invite.
Decorate and prepare. A couple of days before the actual date of the party make sure...
Prepare the food. Aside from the tea,...

Decide on a budget and guest list.
Decide on a dress code.
Create your invitations, or purchase pre-made invites.
Let guests know about special considerations.
Select attractive tableware and table decorations. Enjoy the day.

One 2009 study found that couples who increased the frequency of romantic kissing experienced improvement in their total serum cholesterol. Keeping your cholesterol in check lowers your risk of several diseases, including heart disease and stroke Studies also suggests that kissing increases your heart rate in a way that dilates your blood vessels. Kissing is very important in love and relationship, Because when we kiss to our partner that means we fully express our love, but kiss may be on cheeks or lips. Some times People today also tend to chew each other on their cheeks to express their happiness. you kiss to your partner to express your love. And that's a good thing!

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How To End Debt

Depending on your credit rating, you may qualify for a credit card that has a better interest rate than your current card. Better yet, you may qualify for a credit card with an introductory 0% interest rate for 12 or months or more.

A chance to start over. The anxiety of dealing with debt everyday crushes people’s spirits. Choosing the debt-relief option that gives you a way out of debt is a life-changing experience. Nothing feels better than second chance, an opportunity to right the wrongs and prove you’ve learned from experience. Bankruptcy, despite its reputation, will do that. A successful Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy breathes life back into consumers. It brings hope that the lessons you’ve learned about finances can take the stress out of your life.

You need a credit rating of at least good for the best chances.

Debt relief could involve wiping the debt out altogether in bankruptcy; getting changes in your interest rate or payment schedule to lower your payments; or persuading creditors to agree to accept less than the full amount owed.

Many people are wary of international travel, however, fearing that it is dangerous. For the most part, traveling throughout the world is very safe. This being said, there are safety precautions that every traveler should employ to ensure that their trip remains a joyous one. Here are a few safety tips for you international travelers. 

It might be tempting to keep your cash, credit cards, identification, and traveler’s checks in your wallet, but don’t do it. Keep any money, credit cards, IDs, and checks you won’t be using locked in your hotel room safe. Separate the monetary and identifying items you must carry on you and carry them in different spots on your person. 

Hang your purse on the back of your chair on a sidewalk or set your bags down at your feet. This isn’t a good idea, either, because your attention is going to be attracted to the new sights around you. Keep your bags in your lap or at the front of your feet under the table, with the straps wrapped around your leg.

Many people are of the opinion that they do not need travel insurance, and nothing could be further from the truth. Your health insurance might offer you some international coverage, but the chances are good that it doesn’t cover potential illness, injury, or even death entirely when you are on foreign soil. Your belongings need to be insured, too, for the simple reason that anything might happen to them.

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Cinnamon is one of those herbs that seems to just do it all.
Unlike turmeric or cayenne pepper, cinnamon is sweet. That means it’s perfect for making a snack much more like a dessert. 

Cinnamon is a substance that is produced from the bark of certain trees. These trees belong to a category known as cinnamomum.

What makes it so nutritious is the inclusion of a lot of ‘active ingredients’. These are eugenol, ethyl cinnamate, methyl chavicol, beta-caryophyllene and linalool among others.

Some popular ways to use cinnamon include mixing it with milk and honey, or sprinkling on coffee, salads, rice and more. All these things will allow you to enjoy the many health benefits of cinnamon.


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